‘Disgusting’ messages found at scene where tragic Stephen died

by Mark O'Brien

The family of a young man tragically killed in a motorbike accident last year have slammed the “disgusting” messages left at the scene of his death.

Stephen Hyland (24) who has been described as a “true gent” was killed when his motorbike collided with another bike on Hartstown Road in October of last year.

As a result of Stephen’s death and a number of other accidents on the road, speed bumps were installed on the road.

A memorial had been placed at the tree where Stephen died but over the weekend, a number of betting slips were placed there with horrific messages written on them blaming Stephen for the installation of the speedbumps.

One message read: “Thanks for the ramps! **** you. I’m glad you are dead.”

While another said: “Hope you died in agony you ****! Thanks for the ramps!”

Stephen’s brother Brian took to social media to condemn the people who wrote the vile notes.

In a Facebook post tagged as “feeling broken”, Stephen said: “Absolutely disgusted about this.

“To think some people would write these sort of horrible things about my brother because he lost his life on a dangerous road which he was not the first to do.

“All those ramps are to ensure no-one has to go through the heartbreak and sadness both my family and Steo’s friends have gone through and still go through every single day.

“They are there to save lives. To the horrible ***** who left these messages at the tree where my brother died I say this.

“To attack the dead who have no way of defending themselves is one of the most disgusting things any person can do.

“All because you want to floor it down that road and show off and act the ******* will never understand why these changes are in place.

“And to leave them at that tree where we go to mourn our brother knowing we would find them shows what pathetic pieces of **** you are.”

Brian also implored the writers of the notes to leave his brother in peace.

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