Council to apply for speed ramp funding

by Gazette Reporter

Fingal County Council has confirmed that it will apply for funding for an additional speed ramp at Warrenstown roundabout at the next available opportunity.
This came about as a result of calls for immediate traffic calming measures to be put in place at Castlecurragh roundabout following a serious accident involving two cars recently.
Cllr Paul Donnelly (SF), who was present at the scene in the aftermath of the accident, said that immediate action must be taken or there will be more deaths on Castlecurragh roundabout.
He said: “As I reached the junction of Corduff and Blanchardstown Heath I knew instantly what had happened as I saw many fire brigades, ambulance and gardai flashing lights. I had hoped for the best but feared the worst as I saw the number of emergency vehicles.
“I have raised safety concerns about this section of road for many years. There has already been one fatality and many other accidents and near accidents in the past.
“I am a calling on the council operations department to immediately introduce traffic calming measures and signage along with a longer strategy of changing/dealing with the problem.
“I wish those injured in the most recent accident a speedy recovery and I am appealing to all motorists to please slow down at all times.”
Cllr David McGuinness said: “The incident has heightened fears in the local community. Many people in Corduff and Mulhuddart community will recall the tragic loss of life in this area a number of years ago when a local father lost his life.
“My thoughts are with the people involved in the accident in Castlecurragh and the emergency personnel who arrived at the scene and worked to help the people involved.”
A spokesperson from Fingal County Council responded to Cllr Donnelly’s calls for traffic calming measures saying: “There are already significant traffic calming [measures] existing on this road.
“At present, between the roundabout at Warrenstown and that at Church Road, there are three traffic calming ramps, four signs for ramps and one ‘Bad Bend’ and ‘Slow’ sign on each approach to the bend after the third ramp on the Warrenstown side.
“The installation of ramps is funded through the National Transportation Authority. While funding for the provision of speed ramps has been unsuccessful in recent times, the council will once again apply to the authority for a fourth ramp, approaching the roundabout at Warrenstown, when the next opportunity arises.”

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