Car drags woman along in mugging

by Sylvia Pownall
woman was dragged up to 30 metres along the road by a car in a mugging at Malahide Castle on Monday

Gardai are appealing for witnesses after a woman was dragged up to 30 metres along the road by a car in a mugging at Malahide Castle on Monday.

The woman, aged in her 40s and from Howth, had her handbag snatched by someone in a passing car near the entrance to the busy tourist spot shortly after 5.30pm.

But as the thief and his male accomplice drove off, the bag snagged on the woman’s clothing and she was dragged along the road behind the speeding vehicle.

The park ranger came to the aid of the shocked woman, who sustained heavy bruising to her arm, and gardai and an ambulance rushed to the scene.

An eye witness told Dublin Gazette: “The lady suffered bruising and shock, but the park ranger was quickly on the scene along with a local woman and luckily an A&E nurse who happened to be visiting with his family. A blue hatchback was spotted on security cameras.”

Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee (FF) described the attack as “absolutely horrendous”, adding: “I hope the perpetrators are caught soon.”

Meanwhile, a woman has told how she narrowly escaped being mown down by a car after being pushed off her bike and down an embankment in Blanchardstown.

The woman said she was verbally abused and attacked after being confronted by two men as she cycled past the Islamic centre on Friday afternoon.

The woman told Dublin Talks on 98fm: “There were so many people in front of me and I was ringing the bell, I was along the cycle path.

“I was slowing down and had to get off the bike and a man in his 50s turned around and started shouting: ‘You stupid woman, this is the footpath, the footpath’ while pointing at the cycle path.

“[He] stood aside and as soon as I thought he was letting me past he got his two arms and sent me flying. All I could see was oncoming traffic. I was trying to stop the bike flying onto the middle of the road and it came down on top of me.

“Most of the people just kept walking. Two men came running over to me and helped me up.”

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