Explore Bull Island as you never have before with this new app

by Gazette Reporter

Over a year ago artist Fiona McDonald set out to explore a very iconic area of Dublin bay, Bull Island, as part of a public art project.

From her explorations she created Sensing Ecologies, a new free app which was launched earlier this week. 

Sensing Ecologies invites you to put on your walking shoes and headphones and really immerse yourself in the environment of Bull Island through audio augmented reality.

Created especially for this locale and free to download, the augmented audio layers on and enriches the physical world around you through a rich soundscape.

As you walk along the iconic wooden bridge, the app senses where you are on your walk along the pier and a specific soundscape or interview is triggered.

Fiona said: “In a rapidly changing world the geo-located soundscapes in Sensing Ecologies invite you to slow down and engage with the ways that the earth and biodiversity react to our actions.

“Explore how environmental sensors give a voice to the animals and plants.”

Voice-overs on the journey include those from the past (Darwin), the present and speculations on the future.

They look at information and ask how this can help us understand the effects of climate change and how researchers measure and predict this change?

Sensing Ecologies, designed for over 13s, can be downloaded from Apple or Google Play Stores.

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