Building work causes estate parking issues

by Gazette Reporter

Parking and access issues in the Barnwell- Hansfield area have arisen in recent weeks, due to ongoing building work at the new Educate Together Secondary school in Hansfield.
The school is located within the Barnwell-Hansfield housing estate and the main entrance has been servicing both the school and estate which has caused many traffic problems for residents.
Although the school has opened, construction is still ongoing and builders are currently making new roads into the Barnwell Hansfield estate.
Residents have this week highlighted the parking and access issues through Facebook and Twitter.
According to Barnwell-Hansfield residents’ association, the temporary entrance to the estate which was re-opened recently has now been closed for good and residents will now enter the estate via Barnwell Road.
A temporary ramp there is due to be removed and a footpath completed. The residents are still waiting to find out when they will be able to access the estate from the newly-finished road.
Cllr David McGuinness (FF) said: “At one point there was a situation where there was no access or exit from the estate because the existing entrance and exit was blocked off through building, so the builders had to make a temporary entrance into the estate. They had to put down some sort of concrete material to develop a ramp over the pathway and take out fencing.
“It’s an ongoing situation and because the entrances and exits haven’t been finalised, any old patch of land is being used as a car park for parents dropping off their children.
“It just seems like a brand new facility that’s going to serve that community into the future in educational needs for children is being marred in the short term by a lack of foresight.
“Not realising that entry to the site, and facilities for parents to drop off their children is going to be crucial. Poor decisions have impacted very poorly on the residents, and it strikes me that whoever was involved in this project didn’t have the cop on to look ahead.
“Fingal County Council ultimately would have been involved in the design process in conjunction with the builders who got the contract. Since the school is back there have been problems with parking, which is something this community never had to deal with before and it just seems to me that there was no effort to offset it before it became a problem.”
Cllr Paul Donnelly (SF) said that considering the traffic problems with schools all over Dublin 15, it beggars belief that a new school could be built without taking the possibility of these issues into consideration.
He said: “I find it absolutely incredible that with a brand new school we are facing parking problems. It is beyond credibility that this hasn’t been factored into the plan. At every single public meeting that we have had in the Blanchardstown area under the Safer Blanchardstown forum, parking at schools is one of the main issues brought up at every one of them.
“I can understand in the context of the older schools where previously people would have walked their children to school and now people are driving.
“But it is absolutely shocking to think that even after all of these problems that we’ve had in the last number of years they’re still not planning properly.”
At the time of going to print, the council had not replied to a request for comment.

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