Access issue at station in focus

by Gazette Reporter

The number of passengers using Hansfield Train Station could be increased if issues with access and station destinations were improved. This is according to local Cllr Ruth Coppinger (SP), who said there are two problems with the station that need to be addressed in order to see more members of the local community availing of the facility.
Cllr Coppinger’s comments come after Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar this week praised the steady increase of passengers using the station since it opened.
He said that more than 10,000 people had passed through its doors since it opened.
The station was officially opened in June 2013 following a long campaign to secure pedestrian access, car parking and a new access road.
Minister Varadkar said: “I’m pleased to see more and more people now using Hansfield, which can get you into Dublin city centre in just 25 minutes. It’s well worth a trip if you haven’t tried it yet, and is a lot less stressful than sitting in traffic.”
However Cllr Coppinger said there needs to be a “big improvement” in access to allow more people to use it.
“For example, there is the problem of no quick access for the houses beside the station because the footpath has not been finished,” she said. “People could walk five minutes to the station but instead it takes them 20 minutes.
“Secondly, it needs to allow people in the wider Blanchardstown area to use the station with either a shuttle bus or a park and ride service.”
The other issue contributing to low passenger numbers according to Cllr Coppinger, is the stations serviced by Hansfield.
“They’re not the most convenient,” she said. “It doesn’t go to Connolly Station but it goes to the docklands so people wanting to go to Connolly Station have to get off at the Navan Road Railway Station.”

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