Anger over cowardly graffiti left at synagogue in Terenure

by Rachel Darcy

Gardai are said to be treating the vandalism of a south Dublin synagogue as a criminal damage offence.

A swastika was spraypainted onto the outer wall of a synagogue on Rathfarnham Road in Terenure on December 28, in the early hours of the morning.

The graffiti has since been removed, with no suspects having yet been identified by Gardaí in Terenure.

Investigations are continuing into the offence. It is also believed that in a separate incident, a security guard at the same facility was attacked with an object, though it is thought that that the attacker was not targeting the synagogue specifically and suffered from mental health issues.

The synagogue has fallen victim to anti Semitic graffiti previously.

In 2005, a man from Co Louth was jailed after being caught spray-painting a swastika at the entrance to the synagogue, and had also spray painted the symbol on two other synagogues in Dublin.

The graffiti attack has been widely condemned online, with many remarking that there’s “no place for this kind of hate” in 2019.

One commentator, Erin, wrote: “I just heard about what happened at Terenure Synagogue. I’m sickened and heartbroken. “No matter if it was just ‘drunken vandalism’ – the perpetrator’s intent was to place a symbol of hate directly onto the walls of a place sacred to those whom that symbol directly targets.”

Cllr Sarah Holland (SF) tweeted, saying: “An absolute disgrace, so upsetting for those who worship there. Hopefully whoever did it is caught.”

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