Terenure community gets together to support Brazilian widow

by Rachel Darcy

Over 600 people have generously donated to a Terenure family who recently suffered a tragic loss.

The Ciobanica family were left in shock when family patriarch, Paulo, was diagnosed with terminal cancer on September 17. He passed away just two days later on September 19 in St James’ Hospital, widowing his wife Jocelene and two children, Patrick (5) and Ariel (9).

Just a fortnight prior to Paulo’s passing, the family were forced to move to a new house after the landlord requested that they leave the family home, with the family left with no choice to pay a higher level of rent as a result.

In an obituary post for Paulo on RIP.ie, Brazilian native Jocelene wrote: “Paulo will always be remembered for the loving family he created, the friendship offered to all he knew. His willingness to help others and the love he spread amongst all of us we will never forget. Paulo was an incredible father. Hands on and always playing with Ariel and Patrick.

“They called him ‘Tati adventure’ because of his active imagination and energy to play with kids. As a husband he was loving and caring. He used to bring me flowers, breakfast in bed and make homemade pancakes.”

Friends of the family have since started a GoFundMe page to help Jocelene with the family’s expenses, as she becomes the sole provider for the household.

The local Terenure community have rallied around the family, with popular Facebook page ‘I Love Terenure’ sharing the fundraiser, as well as local councillors and community groups.

The page, which began on September 20, has had over 604 donations since it’s inception to help Jocelene, Ariel and Patrick as they begin to rebuild their life in a new home without Paulo.

“Only those who have lost someone in their life know the pain and sadness that this causes,” the GoFundMe reads.

“Jocelene met the great love of her life, married and had 2 children with him. Their lives seemed like a fairy tale until Paulo… sadly died on [September 19].

“With Paulo’s death, all expenses and debts will be solely Jocelene’s responsibility. We are now asking for a monetary (as well as spiritual and emotional) contribution so that she has some financial comfort to be able to manage the next steps of all the changes and consequences that Paulo’s death will cause.”

Over €32,400 has been raised for the family so far, with the donation page still open.

Visit the GoFundMe page here for more details.

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