Stoneybatter pays tribute to the late Mattie Murphy

by Rachel Darcy

Stoneybatter residents have mourned the loss of a man who made headlines in 2017 after marrying his best friend as a means to avoid inheritance tax.

Mattie Murphy (85) passed away in his Dublin home on January 14, with best friend Michael O’Sullivan by his side.

Mattie was originally from Tipperary, but lived in a house in Stoneybatter alongside Michael for a number of years, which Mattie will now inherit.

Local Facebook page Pride of Place Stoneybatter posted a heartfelt tribute to Mattie, who was known for his dapper appearance and delightful presence around the village.

A post read: “As news trickled across the streets of Stoneybatter and beyond, everyone is remembering Mattie, his beautiful smile, kind soul, his infectious laugh and his great impeccable style.

“Chats were always welcomed at Lilliput Stores, with Mattie having a cuppa and a cig outside, and hearty laughs were guaranteed with the storytelling and sharing of anecdotes.

“Likewise in other local places too that he frequented, and all [were] delighted that he was visiting.

“Mattie had time for anyone that stopped by and along his walks across Stoneybatter including many a furry friend, as he loved dogs.”

Mattie was a known supporter of community events in Stoneybatter, including the annual Stoneybatter festival.

He married his best friend of 30 years, Michael, in 2017 as a way to avoid inheritance tax when he passed away.

Michael was also Mattie’s carer for a number of years.

Speaking to Joe Duffy’s Liveline at the time, Mattie said: “I am marrying [Michael] because he will be part of my life when I die, and whatever I have, there will be no problems, he can have it.

“It’s a way to avoid tax, if he is to pay to look after me in my old age.

“I thought it was a very good thing that came into my head to say, nowadays, this is official.”
Paying tribute to his husband following his passing, Michael appeared on Liveline again last week, saying that Mattie was an “absolutely wonderful person”.

Michael said: “He was a wonderful person. An absolutely wonderful person. He loved people.

“He called himself a humanist and even when he was ill in the house here, I’d always try and get him out of the house.

“You would not know he was sick. Once you got him sitting down with someone to talk to, you would not know he was ill.”

Mattie was laid to rest in Tipperary last Friday.

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