St Michan’s Crypt to re-open to the public 5 months after break in

by Rachel Darcy

A crypt that was broken into in February will reopen to the public, five months after the mummified remains of a crusader were stolen from St Michan’s Church.

The crypt at St Michan’s Church in Smithfield is expected to open it’s doors to tourists and Dubliners alike following the disruption of the crypt where a number of remains were desecrated.

The crypt has been closed ever since February’s break in, where the 800-year-old remains of a Crusader and a skull were stolen.

Gardai recovered the head of the Crusader and the second skull a short time after the break in, on March 5.

Since the recovery of the remains, the National Museum of Ireland have been working to restore the Crusader’s head, which will be returned to the crypt.

Nichols Undertakers have also re-coffined the remains, and have provided new coffins, with increased security also now in place at the church and crypt.

A 36-year-old man has admitted to stealing the remains, and has appeared before Dublin Circuit Criminal Court where he was arranged.

Brian Bridgeman, with an address in Blanchardstown, pleaded guilty to entering the vaults.

Judge Martin Nolan adjourned the case for sentencing on 24 July, and Bridgeman was remanded in custody.

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