Rogue pigeon causes exam bother for Rathmines Junior Cert students

by Dublin Gazette

In a tweet that has now gone viral, a Rathmines school has reassured Junior Cert students that a pigeon-related problem won’t hamper their exam results.

St Mary’s College in Rathmines took to Twitter yesterday after a rogue pigeon made it into one of it’s exam halls during the Religious Education exam.

The pigeon somehow made it’s way into the exam hall of the 129 year old school, sending students and invigilators alike into a flap.

To assure students taking the exam fearing they that they may lose marks for unsightly pigeon deposits on their papers, St Mary’s College said that students ‘will not lose marks’ for presentation.

The school also detailed that Friday’s German exam would have to be re-located if the pigeon didn’t make a flying exit from the exam hall.

Having been retweeted over a thousand times, and liked over 6,000 times, hundreds of people replied to the tweet with a serious of pigeon related puns.

Luckily, however, on Friday morning St Mary’s College returned to Twitter to let those invested in the case of the exam disrupting pigeon know that he left the building.

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