Hopes St Michael’s Estate lands get a much-needed local focus

by Rachel Darcy

A new report into the redevelopment of the former St Michael’s Estate has said that community facilities will be added to the local area as part of the project.

The report, published at the beginning of this month, is an update on the proposed redevelopment of the lands in Inchicore.

There had been concerns that a council plan for the locality would consist solely of housing, compared to the plans put forward by local football club, St Patrick’s Athletic.

The plans by the football club included a new stadium, a shopping centre and housing.

In the report, it states that “the site has potential to develop a high-quality streetscape” onto Emmet Road, where the vacant site is situated.

Amongst the new amenities set to accompany the 472 new homes are a public library and shops, as well as a replacement of the current parish centre.

The report says: “This location has a demand for commercial and community facilities. In order to integrate with the wider community, the site has potential to develop a high-quality streetscape onto Emmet Road.

“This will include a new civic urban space linking to St Michael’s Church and connecting Emmet Road with Inchicore Community Sports Centre, while also accommodating the existing community facilities and the provision of a new public library.

“The proposed new retail/community facilities will include a new public library, supermarket and retail units, a high-quality civic building, a local neighbourhood park with play facilities, a public plaza, and replacement of the current parish centre in a new building.”

As well as the addition of new community facilities to the Emmet Road area, the report also proposes to improve pedestrian links.

The improvement of pedestrian pathways is to benefit those going to and from the Luas to access other areas of the city.

Estate management of the new project is also detailed in the latest update, referring to the “deficiencies in estate management during the existence of St Michael’s Estate” and after its demolition, promising the locale will “get the utmost attention” from Dublin City Council.

“We are very conscious of deficiencies in estate management in this area during the existence of the St Michael’s Estate and, indeed, following its demolition.

“Therefore, this issue will get the utmost attention from Dublin City Council before, during, and after construction.

“We believe the proposed re-development of the former St Michael’s Estate land will be a major catalyst for much needed renewal of the village. We must ensure that it does.”

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