Dublin families are urged to get involved in Home Sharing

by Padraig Conlon

One of Ireland’s largest providers of services for people with intellectual disabilities has launched their 2019 Home Sharing respite scheme.

St. Michael’s House, who support 1,782 people in the greater Dublin area, are looking to recruit host families who would love to get involved.

As part of the scheme, ordinary people in the community are recruited, assessed, trained and supported to provide short breaks in their home for a child or adult with a disability.

Currently 57 service users (31 children, 26 adults) avail of Home Sharing support with St. Michael’s House and over 100 people are on the waiting list for the community respite scheme.

Fidelma Kelly, Home Sharing manager at St. Michael’s House said: “Home Sharing allows people with intellectual disabilities to broaden their experience of community life and strives to create a home away from home.

“The demand for the service is continuing to increase, and we are actively trying to recruit host families who have the capacity to support this great cause.

“We are looking for caring, energetic and enthusiastic people to come on board to support an individual from St. Michael’s House.”

Home Sharing families complete an assessment process prior to getting involved in the Home Sharing Programme.

For more information about Home Sharing please visit the website here.

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