River Liffey deemed ‘must-visit’ landmark

by Dublin Gazette

A travel website have included a short video of Dublin’s River Liffey in it’s portfolio of must-visit landmarks across the globe.

Travideo is a website that allows those filled with wanderlust to explore the world through videos of different destinations across the globe.

Drone footage of the River Liffey, created by filmmaker Craig Whitley, showcases the many bridges of Dublin’s most famous river and the ‘urban beauty’ that encases it on both sides.

Travideo allows filmmakers to showcase their best films to an audience of travel devotees, with high quality videos by talented filmmakers allowing users to discover the world and ‘hidden gems’ through a travel-by-video experience.

The company say they only select the most desirable destinations to be featured on the platform.

Paulo Palha, founder of Travideo, said: “We want to shine a spotlight on some of the best kept secrets around the world and allow travellers to see amazing destinations they otherwise wouldn’t have known existed or felt compelled to visit.

We’re confident users will be totally drawn in by the stunning videos we’re hosting on the site. There’s so much filmmaking talent out there, so we’re all about giving these people additional exposure, too.”


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