Residents in Ringsend have been encouraged to be aware of suspected bogus collections of electronics in the locality.

A flyer has been circulating throughout the Ringsend area in recent days, advertising a ‘free electrical recycling day’ and detailing different electrical items that will be accepted as part of the initiative.

It instructs people to leave the items outside their front door, and anything “that cannot be reused” will be disposed of at a recycling centre.

On a popular local Facebook group, a resident has posted that the flyer appears to be bogus, and that items left outside for recycling that cannot be sold on are being illegally dumped in another area.

The post said: “Just to make everyone in the community aware … the picture of the leaflet is of one that has been circulated around Stella [Gardens] and the new houses; these are bogus collections.

“If you leave stuff out for them, they will take what they can sell on and then illegally dump what is of no use to them – please only leave stuff out for official DCC collectors.”

In the same post, Ringsend locals are warned that the leaflet may also be “a ruse” to see what activity is in the area as there have also been a number of recent breakins in the area.

A Dublin City Council spokesperson told Dublin Gazette: “We do not circulate this type of leaflet, and would urge members of the public to report any advertisements of free waste or junk collections to us to investigate.

“Waste given to unauthorised collectors for disposal is an offence and will contribute to illegal dumping … and lead to environmental damage.

“A waste collection permit is required to collect and transport all waste.

“For information on our recycling sites, see

“Also see for information on recycling of unwanted electrical items.”

Further information on preventing burglaries and on fraudulent schemes is available from An Garda Siochana’s website,