Anger at possible one-way system for Rathmines under new plans

by Dublin Gazette

There are mounting fears that one of the city’s main corridors may become a one-way only system under BusConnects plans.

Rathmines, one of the biggest suburbs of the city centre, and one of the busiest commuting hubs, may only allow private cars to drive through on their way out of town, rather than into the city centre.

The plans for Rathmines to potentially become a one-way system were revealed as a possibility under the latest phase of BusConnects to be opened up for public consultation, as part of the Rathfarnham to City Centre corridor.

In addition to the potential of Rathmines being severely impacted, residents in Rathgar fear that ‘Corridor 12’ of BusConnects will destroy the community element of the south Dublin suburb.

Rathgar Road Residents’ Group have joined locals in Terenure and Rathfarnham to collectively form the ‘Rathgar is a Community, Not a Corridor Campaign’, aiming to challenge the National Transport Authority’s (NTA) plans.

An estimated cost of the proposed Rathfarnham to City Centre corridor is thought to be in the region of €40-48 million, though it’s believed that only seven minutes of travel time will be saved, and the compulsory purchase of 255 properties will be needed along the route.

Commenting on the NTA’s Bus Connects Corridor 12 proposals, Rathgar Road Resident Group spokesperson Anne Marie James said: “This plan is ill thought out and unworkable.

“Alleged savings of seven to eight minutes commuting time for an estimated €120 million can be achieved in different and cheaper ways. It will be a disaster for local communities, businesses and taxpayers.

“It will destroy local businesses, historical villages and local communities and will create chaos on every side road to town.”

Anyone who wishes to send a submission or objection to the NTA can email [email protected]. Public consultations are expected to be held in the coming weeks.

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