Rathgar Girl Guides pledge against plastic with Bloom garden

by Rachel Darcy

Rathgar Girl Guides and Brownies have spent the past few weeks busy preparing a postcard garden for Bloom, which will take place in Phoenix Park from 30 May to 3 June.

The garden has been designed by the leader of Rathgar Zion Brownies, Sarah Blake, who is also the founder of a sustainability consultancy called Earthology.

Earthology delivers talks, workshops and strategy to organisations to help them reduce their carbon footprint and deliver on climate change targets.

Blake came up with the theme ‘#PledgeAgainstPlastic’ to try to encourage members of the Brownies and Guides – as well as the wider public – to reduce their plastic use.

Helen Meade and Megan Oldrey

The overall design concept of the garden will remain under lock and key until Bloom, but the girls have used as many recycled materials as possible, including using eco-bricks to make furniture and plastic bottle tops to create a massive globe. They have also made a bug hotel, using old plastic containers filled with twigs and leaves.

They asked members of Irish Girl Guides all around the country to contribute to the garden by sending them plastic bottle tops and eco-bricks, and were overwhelmed by the response, which provided them with more than they needed to make all the different components of the garden.

One Leader even crocheted ladybird beetles with leftover wool while another used scraps of material to make owls with plastic bottle tops for eyes, as the owl is the mascot for brownies.

While working on the garden, members of Rathgar Zion Brownies and Guides thought about how they could each reduce the use of plastic in their own lives and they each wrote a #PledgeAgainstPlastic on the wall of their garden. They hope their garden will give members of the public pause for thought and that other people will write pledges too.

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