Trinity College students protesting outside the Book of Kells
Trinity College students protesting outside the Book of Kells

Trinity College have been forced to close the Book of Kells due to a student protest.

The students are protesting against the introduction of a €450 flat fee for supplemental exams.

The protesters have blocked the entrance to the popular tourist attraction on the grounds of the college, forcing its closure.

According to the University Times the students decided to protest outside the Book of Kells because they feel that the college is focusing its attention on commercial tourism instead of on students.

As part of the protest action, many people took to the Book of Kells Facebook page during the week to leave negative reviews.

In a statement, the Take Back Trinity group said: “For a long time, supplemental exams were the only respite in an otherwise completely unaffordable education.

“Such a system has benefited the college community, as it has allowed a vast number of students a second chance at their education at no extra cost.

“Trinity’s decision to introduce supplemental exam fees is evidence of their continuing disregard for students, their opinions, and their welfare.

“Just last year, College signed the Student Partnership Agreement, which promises to promote democracy and ensure that students are stakeholders in decisions that College make.

“Not only does the Board’s decision conflict with this agreement, it is completely contradictory toward promoting accessibility to all in Trinity.”

The group say that they plan to hold further protests if the fee is not abolished.


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