Poolbeg residents hold protest against noise pollution

by Rachel Darcy

Several Poolbeg residents took to the streets last Tuesday to protest against noise pollution, with another demonstration planned for May 30.

The residents staged a demonstration where they blocked traffic Poolbeg Quay for a time during rush hour in an effort to raise awareness of on-going noise pollution in the locality.

Locals in the Poolbeg Quay apartments say that the noise of early morning traffic entering and leaving the nearby recycling centre has become a major issue for those living in the complex and worry that it may get worse when a major new development is built in the locality.

They also say that the noise of the cranes in Dublin Port are also creating a constant noise, with residents alleging that the noise around Dublin Port, Poolbeg and the Covanta plant is on-going all day.

Numerous meetings have been held by residents to try to find a way to raise awareness of the noise pollution in the locality, with the demonstrations held to try and bring notice to the plight faced by locals.

Residents are expected to hold another demonstration this Thursday in the effort to raise awareness of the continuous noise pollution in the area.

Covanta and Dublin Port did not respond to request for comment by time of publication.

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