Woman thanks Dubliners for help after her granddaughter was injured

by Rachel Darcy

A woman who was visiting Dublin as part of a cruise with her family has thanked the people of the city for their kindness after her granddaughter was injured.

Gloria Robinson was on a ten-day cruise with her family, and Dublin was their first stop on the trip.

The family made their way to look at the legendary Oscar Wilde statue on the north side of Merrion Square, but Gloria said her granddaughter Tamara began to feel unwell.

“We got off the shuttle bus at Merrion Square when [my granddaughter] felt faint crossing the road to look at the statue,” Gloria told Dublin Gazette.

Her granddaughter then fainted as they crossed the road, sustaining several facial and oral injuries as a result.

“She banged her chin on the concrete and knocked herself out, sustaining a deep cut to her chin [and] broke a few of her front teeth and fractured her upper gum,” Gloria detailed, saying that an ambulance had to be called for the 18-year-old.

Several people rushed to the aid of Gloria and her family, with the English native thanking the public for their assistance and support in getting her granddaughter the help she needed.

“Everyone who came to help were amazing. She was taken to Mater Hospital, and then to the Dental Hospital at Trinity College. I would just like to thank all the people of Dublin for making it bearable for us, as it was a very emotional time.

“I would like to thank everyone from the guy who phoned the ambulance, the lady who contacted the cruise ship, all the people who came to help, the ambulance men, the doctors, nurses and hospital staff, the taxi drivers who took us to the hospital and back to help.

Tamara Phillip, whose grandmother Gloria has thanked Dublin for their help.

Thankfully, Gloria’s granddaughter was able to join the cruise again after a few days recovering from her fall, and is now back home in Warrington in Cheshire, England where she will receive extensive dental treatment for her injuries.

“Thank you to the people of Dublin for their help, support and reassurance on the day my granddaughter had an accident. It’s a big thing for an 18-year-old, but at least she’s alive.”

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