Kimmage anger over proposed bus link plan

by Padraig Conlon

An angry Kimmage resident says plans to build a new bus corridor are a “violation of people’s homes”.

Andrina Wafer, a spokesperson for Lower Kimmage Residents’ Association, was speaking to Dublin Gazette following the recent NTA Community Forum.

She said: “A lot of people in our community are feeling absolute distress that the sanctity of their homes is being threatened by these plans.”

The NTA wants to build a four-lane ‘superhighway’ through Kimmage as part of the BusConnects project, which could see hundreds of local residents lose part of their gardens in order to accommodate road widening for new bus lanes and paths.

Andrina said: “This is a complex situation. There are alternatives to building this corridor through Kimmage; we are trying all the time to respond responsibly to this plan and work with the NTA.

“Many families are anxious, afraid they’ll have to uproot their lives and move from the area if the corridor is allowed to go ahead as planned.

“The current proposals don’t just affect the Lower Kimmage Road, but will force traffic through residential neighbouring roads of 30kmpm speed zones,” she said.

When Dublin Gazette contacted the National Transport Authority about residents’ fears, an NTA spokesperson: “That engagement is already happening.

“For example, there was a community forum meeting on Monday, organised by the NTA, where representatives of local communities and residents’ associations along that [proposed bus] corridor had an opportunity to outline their concerns and to offer alternative solutions.

“What we have published recently is very much a first draft of the plans, and at that meeting the NTA made a commitment to look at the feasibility of the proposed changes that were brought up by people in the area.”

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