Dublin, Ireland - March 17, 2006: Crowds gather along O'Connell street to watch the parade on St. Patricks day.

Conradh Na Gaeilge are set to host a massive ‘celebration’ of the Irish language this Saturday, April 14, with a march across the city.

BEO: Gaelach agus Broduil is a march across Dublin City with over 400 participants expected to take part to commemorate Bliain Na Gaeilge.

Siomha Ni Ruairc, Bliain na Gaeilge 2018 co-ordinator, said it was important for Conradh to mark the year in some way.

“When Conradh was initially established over 125 years ago, marches and parades used to be annual. It’s only fitting that we do the same this year, given the year that’s in it,” she told Dublin Gazette.

“The event is intended to celebrate the Irish language, and our pride in Irish. Buses are coming from all over the country to attend,” Ni Ruairc said.

Kicking off in Parnell Square at 12:30pm, there will be a meeting point to get to know others in the march before leaving at 1pm.

From there, all participants will begin to march south down O’Connell Street before making their way to Merrion Square.

At Merrion Square, president Michael D Higgins will address the crowd before musical acts like Delorentos and Kíla take to the stage to perform.

“There’ll be a lot of dancing and singing, just one massive celebration. After 4pm, we’ll have some family events for everyone to get involved with,” Ni Ruairc said.

It was announced in Project Ireland: 2040 that there is set to be a re-investment in the Gaeltacht areas under the €1bn Rural Regeneration and Development fund.

“There have been some massive cuts in Irish, but we’re very glad to see the Government investing in Irish. Investment in jobs and services through Irish are very important,” Ni Ruairc added.



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