Installation of new artwork by Dublin City Council welcomed

by Rachel Darcy

Dublin City Council have revealed a new artwork by sculptor Eileen MacDonagh in Belmayne.

The artwork, supported by Cairn homes, is sculpted from Wicklow Granite and is called ‘Eyes For You’. It has been installed in a new public, open space in the Parkside Development by Cairn Homes.

The installation is the latest addition to the landscaped development. The work is intended to reflect local heritage.

Leslie Moore, Head of Park Services in Dublin City Council said: “The location of this artwork meets the City Council’s policy to see a de-centralisation of art in the city’s open spaces so that more residents can have a greater opportunity to enjoy art.”

Sculptor Eileen MacDonagh said: “When I was approached by Cairn Homes to make a sculpture for Parkside, I visited the site to look around and see if there was something from the area that would give me a starting point for the sculpture design. I titled it ‘Eyes For You’ because they resemble eyes looking out.”

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