A tattooing event took place in Crazy Cats Tattoo to raise funds for Heart Child Ireland last Sunday. Pictures: Happy Memories Photography

A unique event was held in Crazy Cats Tattoo to acknowledge congenital heart defect awareness month last Sunday.

Organised by Rhona Cullinan, dozens of relatives and friends of those living with a congenital heart defect (CHD) visited Crazy Cats Tattoo in Ballyfermot to get inked in honour of loved ones.

Rhona, whose daughter Molly has a heart defect and Down syndrome, organised the event after being inspired by other individuals who had gotten tattoos to represent their Down syndrome friends and family.

Explaining the idea behind the CHD Tattoo event, Rhona said: “There has been a huge movement in the Down syndrome world to get a tattoo of three arrows, to represent being pulled back but then being brought forward.

“I devised a modified version [of the tattoo] which is Molly’s ECG reading, a heart, and then the arrows at the end.”

Rhona got tattoo artist ‘Eddie The Bull’ involved with the event, which involved more than 40 people getting a tattoo like Rhona’s initial design.

Anyone willing to be tattooed paid €30 to participate, with €20 of the fee being donated to Heart Children Ireland.

Rhona added: “Some people getting tattooed got their child’s scar done on their chest to match; loads were the same as mine, it went fantastic.”

The entire event raised more than €1,000 for Heart Children Ireland.