Plans to increase on-street parking costs in the city have been agreed by Dublin City councillors and will now go to a public consultation.

As reported last week in Dublin Gazette, the new charges will see different areas introduced into on-street parking zones, and rates in some existing zones increased.

The three parking zones – Yellow, Red and Green – are being widened due to an increase in parking demand, according to DCC Parking Enforcement officer Dermot Stevenson.

The council are also aiming to discourage long-term, or all-day commuter parking, to allow residents the ability to park at their own homes.

The costs of parking permits and visitor permits for city residents will not be increased.

As part of the plans, which were agreed on Monday night, there will also be an introduction of a new €9 per hour fee for coaches parking in the city.

The new Parking Control Bye-Laws will now go for public consultation.