Old Glasnevin model school still in danger of demolition

by Rachel Darcy

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]At a meeting last Friday, Dublin City Council said that an old model school building on Glasnevin would not be added to the Record of Protected Structures.

An emergency motion was passed in November to attempted to add the building on Church Avenue to the list of Protected Structures after it was announced the building was to be auctioned off by the OPW.

On Friday, Dublin City Council said that the building had not been considered of sufficient special interest to merit inclusion on the Record of Protected structures.

Speaking on this, councillor Paul McAuliffe said it was ‘hugely disappointing’.

McAuliffe said: “Today’s news will be hugely disappointing for local residents who had hoped to see this building recognised and preserved. The former Model School in Glasnevin has been in the community for over 170 years and has educated boys and girls in the area for just as long.

“There are two other buildings close by that are protected and, in my view, it would be just as important to protect the Old Model School too given the age and status of the structure.

“It would be a desperately sad case of affairs if this history was just to be bulldozed. How could the council justify granting protection to other model schools in Dublin but not assigning one to Glasnevin?

“Irrespective of the future use of the site itself, the building should be granted protection by the Local Authority to preserve its historical significance for the people of Glasnevin and Dublin 9.

“I fully support residents in their bid to have the building added to Dublin City Council’s Record of Protected Structures and will be further raising the matter with the Chief Executive.”

Former students of the school and Glasnevin locals have been campaigning for the school to be saved ever since it was put up for auction in November.

The building was being auctioned off as it was deemed ‘surplus to requirement’ by the OPW, who were owners of the building.

Former students of the model school have said they’re also upset with the decision. Chair of Glasnevin Model Schools Past Pupils, Sean Creighton, has said that it’s important the group keep trying to save the school from potential demolition.

The building was sold at auction in early November, with the zoning for the 1,600 sqm land currently zoned for housing under the Dublin City Development plan.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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