Anger as scrambler menace hits front door of Finglas home

by Rachel Darcy

A mother in Finglas has said it is “absolutely disgraceful” that nothing has been done about the scramblers raging havoc in the northside suburb.

Kayleigh Mulvey, the mother of a toddler, was speaking after a scrambler shot through her front driveway and smashed into her front door last Friday.

Posting an image of the damaged scrambler in her front driveway to Facebook, Kayleigh wrote: “Absolutely disgraceful!

“One of those bikes with a teenager no older than 16 driving it comes crashing into our front door at 4 o’clock in the day, pinning the teenager that was driving it into our front door [of our] house where my two-year-old daughter could have been easily playing in the garden and been killed.

“When are the gardai going to do something about this before someone innocent is killed?”

This latest incident comes as there are repeated calls from Finglas residents for gardai and the Government to put a stop to the use of scramblers on main roads and in public areas, with many saying they fear going outside due to the reckless behaviour of some drivers.

Residents reacted in horror to last Friday’s incident, offering their sympathy to Kayleigh and her daughter, while also detailing on social media their own experiences with the careless use of the bikes.

Laura Weldon said her child was nearly hit by a scrambler when the baby was just six months old, and she continues to witness reckless driving by scrambler users.

According to Laura: “[A scrambler] was inches from knocking my pram when my daughter was six months old! Frightened the life out of me!

“They were flying up and down Cappagh road Wednesday night at half 9 at night, revving and back-firing.”

Valerie Smullen said she “can’t count” the number of scrambler bikes she has seen speeding in Finglas.

Many people also agreed with Valerie’s point that it will only be a “matter of time” before another major incident involving a scrambler – like that in Darndale last summer, where Ilabek Avetian was very seriously injured – occurs in Finglas.

Summing up the local mood, Valerie said: “I can’t count how many times I have seen bikes speeding down the streets of Finglas and up on paths. It’s only a matter of time before another person dies.

“Why can’t gardai take the bikes off [their drivers]?

“Every bike in the area should be taken and crushed. It’s disgraceful, the carry-on they’re getting away with.”

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