Exhibition set to deal with themes of pain

by Mark O'Brien

OVER 50 people, models, photographers, makeup artists and videographers will take part in an exhibition this weekend in aid of Pieta House.

Project Sshhh is the brainchild of photographer Laura McCarthy, who wanted to do something to raise awareness for mental health issues in Ireland.

“The project is themed on pain,” said Laura.

“All the models involved battle with either physical or emotional pain or the pain that comes with mental health issues.

“Some models have been brave enough to tell their stories in depth. We want to break the stigma regarding pain and mental health issues.

“We also want to raise awareness of the struggles people deal with on a daily basis.

“We are trying to raise as much money as possible for Pieta House, so they can continue their vital work to save and change lives.”

Laura received an amazing response when she put the call out for people to tell their story.

“I have chronic pain issues and I have suffered pain because of that so she (Laura) asked me to become involved with it,” said model Tracy Sayers.

“She has some videographers speaking to each model and each model tells their story.

“So we all discuss where we are in relation to how we got to depression, how it affected us and making it normal.

“That’s the whole idea of this project. To give a platform to people to start talking about mental illness, depression and suicide.”

Trisha McDermott said she also had no hesitation in joining the project. Trisha suffers from Fibromyalgia syndrome, an illness that affects the muscles and soft tissue and causes chronic muscle pain, fatigue and sleep problems.

She said taking part in the project was one of the most enjoyable experiences she has had.

“This was really putting myself out there,” she said.

“But Laura was amazing. We went to a rural building, a derelict building and it was amazing.

“It was a crowd of people, strangers, nobody knew (each other).

“We basically just met, went in to this derelict building and it was like ‘hi, hi, hi’ and then tell your story and that was that. It was the most far out thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Project Sshhh takes place on Saturday, January 27 in Everleigh Garden.

As well as the photo and video installations, there will be live music and a DJ as well as a raffle with all proceeds going to Pieta House.

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