ESB demolition plans blasted by local city councillors

by Gazette Reporter

A bid by the ESB to demolish its Georgian house museum in favour of luxury apartments has been blasted by local councillors.

The ESB has applied to Dublin City Council for permission for a change of use for its museum at Fitzwilliam Street to build three apartments on the site.

Its headquarters in adjacent buildings are being redeveloped as part of a massive new office complex over two blocks in an area which is famous for its historic Georgian architecture.

Councillors have called on the city council to refuse permission. Area committee chair Dermot Lacey (Lab) said the planning application was “lobbed” in just before Christmas.

He said one of the most successful and prosperous state companies in the country was indulging in the “type of stroke” to be expected from the worst type of developer.

Councillors also voted to have their views included in submissions on the planning application.

A report from council officials to the south east area meeting of DCC stated: “It will be necessary to achieve a balance between the policies of protecting and improving the city’s cultural and tourism amenities while encouraging the reintroduction of residential uses into the historic areas of the city.”

The original ESB headquarters was built following the demolition of 16 Georgian houses in 1965 which led to a backlash as they were part of a continuous line of historic buildings known as the ‘Georgian mile’.

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