Dorset Street flats to be demolished under €65m plan

by Gazette Reporter

Dublin City Council has been given the go-ahead to demolish part of a flats complex on the corner of Dorset Street in the north inner city.

The local authority received stage one approval from the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government to level the existing St Mary’s Place block.

The e65m regeneration proposal involves the full demolition of the existing complex in three phases and the construction of 158 new housing units.

Phase one will see the St Mary’s Place block bulldozed and the construction of eight apartments and 11 houses.

The second phase of the long-awaited project will see the second and third blocks of St Mary’s Place demolished and replaced with 96 new apartments.

Under current plans the final phase will see the final existing block demolished and the construction of 43 apartment units.

Some of the complex is vacant and has been boarded up for some time and has become a hot spot for anti-social activity.

Cllr Anthony Flynn welcomed news of the phased development to replace the old flats with high quality housing, particularly the council’s statement that it will “explore the potential provision of the third phase as affordable or cost rental apartments”.

Dublin City Council says it is committed to providing a crèche to replace the one demolished as part of phase three of the works.

It stated: “The existing complex consists of 113 apartments originally constructed in the early 1960s. The current structures have poor energy efficiency with sub-standard kitchens and bathrooms.

“There is a poor site layout that facilitates anti-social behaviour, and it has a poor level of amenity for residents and for the surrounding neighbourhood.”

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