Permission refused for development on Dolphin Park pitches

by Rachel Darcy

Planning permission for a development on playing pitches in Dolphin Park has been refused by Dublin City Council on a number of grounds.

Local schools, sports clubs and residents had filed a number of submissions against the 161-residential unit development, raising a wide variety of issues.

In the application, permission was sought for demolition of an existing clubhouse on the site, and construction of a new two-storey clubhouse to replace it.

80 parking spaces and 100 car parking spaces were also proposed for development for those using the new facilities, in addition to the ‘reconfiguration and enhancement’ of two existing GAA pitches.

161 residential dwellings and 108 associated car parking spaces were also proposed, as well as a creché and ESB substation.

A decision was made on June 4 by Dublin City Council to refuse permission for the development, following several submissions made to the council against the development.

Reasons for Refusal

In the refusal of permission, Dublin City Council addressed that issues raised included the biodiversity of the locale and the presence of Light Bellied Brent Geese, the importance of the playing pitches to the wider community and concerns over traffic related issues.

Three reasons for the refusal of permission were given in the report, including that the proposed development is ‘at variance with the Z9 zoning objective’ which aims to preserve green space in the capital.

Under the Z9 zoning objective, in ‘highly exceptional circumstances’ and in order to serve the long term retention and consolidation of the sporting facility in a locality and to secure the primary sporting land use on the site, “some limited once off development is open to consideration”.

In the report, it says that ‘the applicant has not adequately demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Planning Authority’ that the development constitutes a ‘limited once off development’.

The report said: “By the precedent which it would set for similar Z9 lands around the City would be at variance with the Z9 zoning objective which seeks to preserve, provide and improve recreational amenity and open space and green networks.

“The proposed development would thereby seriously injure the residential amenities of property in the vicinity and would be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.”

Permission was also refused on the grounds that the development makes ‘inadequate parking provision’ for the scale and mix of uses on the site, and may “generate over spill parking onto a heavily trafficked road and would adversely impact the operation of the existing bus lane and the future operation of Bus Connects Services and would therefore be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.”

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