Dublin Fire Brigade warn public not to burn election posters

by Dublin Gazette

Dublin Fire Brigade have said that the election is ‘heating up’, after they were called to the scene of an election poster on fire in the capital.

Taking to Facebook, DFB said firefighters in Kilbarrack were called to the scene of a poster set alight on a lamppost, showing a picture of a firefighter extinguishing the blaze.

They reminded the public that setting fire to posters can cause serious damage to public infrastructure such as bus stops, lampposts and more.

This comes the day after People Before Profit candidate Gillian Brien claimed that someone had been allegedly setting fire to her campaign posters maliciously following a confrontation with a constituent last Saturday.

In a post on social media, Dublin Central candidate Brien said when erecting poster last weekend, a man in his 60s approached them to try and given them a leaflet and a CD, saying they were ‘a message from God’ to Brien.

“I asked ‘Is your God, a God that loves All human beings equally? As I’m an Allie [sic] of the LGBT+ community’.

“He turned aggressive, started shouting ‘You’re going to hell’ and screaming made up biblical quotes at us, saying ‘I will see’. I brushed him off, kept on putting me posters up.

“I did say at one stage, ‘No man or woman of God, preaches words of hate. God loves all of us equally, get away from me’. He moved across the road to shout abuse, coward.

“Honest, I’ve no time for these horrible human beings, the misery, pain and hurt they have done to women, LGBT+ community and children in Ireland.

“Since Saturday night my posters are getting burned. I don’t care about the posters. I care about making sure we continue to let these horrible human beings know, Ireland is a country that loves all its people.”

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