Commuter anger at sardine rush hour Irish Rail services

by Dublin Gazette

Angry commuters have lashed out at Irish Rail for continually packed services at rush hour between the city centre and commuter towns.

Many people have shared images on social media of trains from the likes of Wicklow and Kildare that show aisles blocked, making it difficult for people to navigate their way along the trains to get on or off.

Others have said that trains simply pass by, totally full, with some saying those on the trains already are “squashed against the doors”.

Commuters have said that the Dart services used to take individuals from the suburbs into the city centre are, at times, being reduced in the number of carriages as well, meaning more people are trying to fit onto smaller trains.

Dart services from Bray and Greystones have been shortened in carriage length, but in response to a customer on social media, Irish Rail said that even though there are shortened trains, the frequency of trains have increased.

When contacted by Dublin Gazette, Irish Rail said that the service “constantly monitor demand” but are currently experiencing greater demand than normal as employment levels in the city are on the rise.

An Irish Rail spokesperson said: “We constantly monitor demand to ensure that we have sufficient capacity; however, as more and more people return to work, we are experiencing much greater demand.”

There are also plans under the National Development Plan to extend the current Dart network as far as Maynooth and Drogheda in an attempt to make commuting into the city centre easier.

Irish Rail said: “As part of the plan, there are plans to extend the Dart network to Hazelhatch, Maynooth and Drogheda and also to purchase new rolling stock.

“The timeline for this is subject to funding allocation, and the timing for the procurement of new rolling stock is in the region of five years.

“We do, however, plan to introduce off-peak Maynooth and Northern Line services in December.”

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