College Green Restrictions May Stay in Place Until 2019

by Rachel Darcy

Traffic restrictions on College Green may remain in place until 2019, following gridlock after the opening of the Luas Cross City.

Dublin City Council have warned that the measures are ‘likely’ to stay in place until 2019, as talks on the planned pedestrianisation of the area have gone on for longer than anticipated. A decision had been due this Friday, but now a verdict from An Bord Pleanala may not be issued on the project until August or September.

The hearing on the council’s proposal to construct a civic plaza at College Green were initially expected to last for three days. However, the hearing – which began on March 12 – did not end until March 29.

Dublin City Council’s head of traffic management, Brendan O’Brien, said that the increased duration of the hearing was due to the ‘intricacies’ of the College Green Plaza project. The same intricacies are also why a decision on the proposal is not expected until after the summer.

The restrictions include the banning of taxis travelling southbound during morning rush hour, with over 150 taxis usually utilising College Green in the mornings.

The congestion measures have also meant that there has been a re-routing of several Dublin Bus routes away from the central transport corridor. Private cars have been banned for College Green between 12am and 6pm for some time also.

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