Chapelizod residents raise concerns over potential tree removal

by Rachel Darcy

Residents in Chapelizod have raised concerns that beloved Scots Pine trees in the area will be removed as part of the construction of a new social housing development.

Several associations for the Chapelizod area, including the Residents Association, Chapelizod Tidy Towns, Chapelizod Heritage Association and the Chapelizod Old Village association (COVA) have all raised their concerns about the development as a joint entity.

Construction on the Springvale site will see 71 apartments created for social housing, in addition to a community hall. 

Work on the site began in January, but last Friday residents were concerned that mature Scots Pine trees on the site were being removed, with several locals and association representatives expressing their concern to workers on the site.

Speaking to Dublin Gazette, Mildred Healy from COVA said: “The foreman said that the trees were going to interfere with the building work so they had to cut them.  Following a lengthy discussion they said no more work would be done on the trees. They said they would contact the committee to arrange a meeting to discuss the matter further.  

“But Monday they are back cutting the trees. Local residents are appalled at the prospect that these trees could be chopped down.”

Healy said DCC assured residents at meetings prior to the beginning of development that the trees would be left standing. 

“These trees are well over 100 years old and are at the main entrance to our village. All the other trees on the site have been chopped down,” Healy said.

However, John Sisk & Sons, who are developing the site, say that while they are attempting to keep all trees on the site, unfortunately two trees will need to be removed as part of construction.

In a joint statement to Dublin Gazette, DCC and John Sisk & Sons said: “Dublin City Council and Sisk Living confirm that pruning of a number of Scots Pine trees at Springvale, Chapelizod is taking place in order to protect as many of the trees as possible. 

“Dublin City Council and Sisk Living have explored every possible attempt to protect two specific Scots Pine trees in the area, but regretfully the two trees will have to be removed as they will not survive.”

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