Garda management in Crumlin ‘not good enough’, says local Senator

by Dublin Gazette
Gardai investigating after 10-year-old girl approached by a man and asked to get in his car

The Minister for Justice has been called upon to ensure that a permanent, full-time Chief Superintendent is appointed to the Crumlin area as a matter of urgency.

Senator Catherine Ardagh made the call in the Seanad this week, following a meeting of the Community Advisory Group in Dublin 12.

She said: “All those living locally [in Crumlin] are all too sadly aware that there is a prevalence of serious crime associated with organised gangland operations.

“However, it’s very important we acknowledge that the vast majority of people in our community are proud Dubliners and law-abiding citizens who deserve to feel safe.

“In the past six years, more than half a dozen Garda Superintendents have been and gone [in Crumlin]. It’s my understanding that at present, there is a person acting in the position, but this is not good enough.

“There were more than 280 burglaries reported in the area last year – a rise on the previous 12 months, while there were increases too in the number of incidents of domestic violence, robbery and muggings.

“There has been an escalation in anti-social behaviour in the south inner city that has filtered out into the city’s suburbs as of late.

“An aspect of this is that there are too few gardai policing our streets or working to prevent crime of other natures when the overarching focus in the district is on handling and investigating gangland criminality.

“That tends to absorb all of the already overstretched garda resources in our community.

“Gardai stationed in Crumlin and Sundrive Road are no doubt working hard, but without a permanent chief in place to drive a systematic, proactive response, residents will continue to be intimidated,” said Senator Ardagh.

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