Shock as ‘woman thrown into water’ at Grand Canal Dock

by Rachel Darcy

A community was left horrified over Easter weekend after a woman was allegedly thrown into Grand Canal Dock by a gang of young people.

The woman, who was carrying a handbag and camera bag at the time, was walking through the Grand Canal Dock area on Sunday when a group of young people allegedly picked her up at random and threw her into the water.

Bystanders shouted at the gang to put the woman down, and following the assault chastised the group.

It is believed that the woman – who was fully clothed at the time – emerged from the water unharmed but distraught.

Concern was raised over the fact that the woman may have been pregnant, or unable to swim, with no gardai present at the time of the alleged assault.

Locals have reported that this is a common occurrence in the area during the warmer months and have seen similar incidences happen to random individuals in the area over the years.

On social media, Rosemary wrote: “This is not a new thing. When I was about 12, I was jumped by half a dozen local lads on the walkway of the Dodder opposite the Aviva.

“They threw my bike over the rails into the river and tried to chuck me over too. I held onto the rail for dear life as I’d have been killed from the fall as it was low tide… It took me many years to get over it.”

Susan wrote: “I have seen it happen loads of times, [including to] a poor chap on a bike last year. Getting worse and the police are never to be around at the time.”

When contacted by Dublin Gazette, An Garda Siochana said that no such incident had been reported, but for anyone who witnesses similar incidents to bring them to their attention.

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