Callous thugs blasted for fire damage at grass pitch

by Rachel Darcy

There has been fury amongst locals in Irishtown and Ringsend after an allegedly stolen car was crashed through gates and burnt out on the grass pitch of a local club.

Cambridge FC took to Facebook last Friday to condemn those who carried out the offence, saying that it’s “unacceptable” for such behaviour to be tolerated.

The club also posted that this isn’t the first time that this has happened to the local pitch, in Ringsend Park, which was accessed by heartless thugs after crashing the car – believed to have been used for joyriding – through a locked gate.

In an impassioned statement on their page, Cambridge FC wrote: “Somebody knows these people and it’s totally unacceptable for this behaviour to be tolerated anymore.

“This is not the first time our pitch has been destroyed by these scumbags – does it take a death before action is taken to stop this?

“What about the 200-plus kids who use this pitch week in, week out – no particular joy for them [now] because of your disgusting behaviour.”

Images posted by the club show the burnt-out vehicle and the surrounding damage to the only grass pitch that is available to Cambridge FC, in addition to the damage caused to surrounding gates and fences.

Those involved with the club, and locals in the area, all sided with the club’s anger on Facebook, saying that something must be done to stop such incidents.

Emma Saunders wrote: “Cambridge FC have given more than 50 years of joy to the boys, girls and adults of this community and further afar.

“They continue to make huge strides with their facilities and coaching and in return this is what your [sic] met with from mindless thugs!

“Whether from the area or not, it’s blatantly obvious that the grass area is used as a pitch for local sport and anyone who thinks it’s funny to destroy it, needs locking up.”

Dublin Fire Brigade said that they attended the scene, but posted on Twitter saying that access to the pitch was hampered by parked cars, with severe damage caused to the pitch area.

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