Over 50,000 public submissions made on BusConnects plans

by Dublin Gazette

Bus services in Dublin are expected to increase by over 20% following a redesign of the proposed BusConnects network, according to a report published on Tuesday.

The redesign of the plan comes after over 50,000 submissions were made to the National Transport Authority during the initial public consultation period, following the publishing of a draft network review last year.

Anne Graham, NTA Chief Executive Officer said: “The level of engagement we saw from members of the public in that process was unprecedented, and it provided us with the kind of insight into our bus services, that cannot be garnered any other way.

“We have responded very constructively to the issues that were raised, and I have no doubt that the plan we are publishing today is one that will increase overall services levels for bus customers.”

According to the NTA, the newly redesigned network is expected to provide a higher capacity and ‘more understandable’ network for Dubliners that’s ‘more coherently planned’, with services in the capital to increase by 22%.

In the new plans, there will be eight spines radiating from the city centre to the suburbs. Spines are frequent routes that will be timetabled to work in harmony together along a corridor, and at the end of each spine, services will branch off to serve different areas of Dublin.

Under the new plan, there will be 10 orbital routes which aim to reduce the need for passengers to enter the city centre, providing services around the city between suburbs.

A ‘90 minute fare’ will also be introduced that will cover all bus, DART and Luas trips started within 90 minutes of each other, meaning commuters won’t have to pay extra to change transport, with the estimated fare between €2.25 and €2.60.

Frequency is expected to increase too, with routes expected to operate every 15 minutes on weekdays, with this expected to be retained into the weekend.

The concerns of the public in regard to schools, hospitals and shops have also been addressed in the new plans, according to the NTA, through various route adjustments or additional radial routes in some cases.

Consultation on this revised plan will run to Tuesday 3rd December 2019. There are local brochures available for each of the 29 areas in the network, with all brochures are available on www.busconnects.ie.

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