Petition launched to save beloved outdoor area of The Bernard Shaw

by Rachel Darcy

In the midst of growing concern for the future of Dublin’s nightlife, one of the city’s favourite hotspots as been refused planning permission to keep a popular outdoor area open.

The Bernard Shaw pub has been refused planning permission from An Bord Pleanala to maintain it’s much-loved beer garden and ‘Big Blue Bus’.

In their refusal, An Bord Pleanala said that multiple locals have issued noise complaints against the Bernard Shaw regarding the outdoor area.

The popular South city pub has open on Richmond Street since 2006, and is owned by Bodytonic, who also own other bars and venues across the city.

They originally applied for the retention and continuation of the beer garden to Dublin City Council in October with permission granted by the council in December.

This decision was then appealed to An Bord Pleanala, who last week decided to refuse permission. It is understood Bodytonic are aiming to reapply to retain the area.

The popular Eatyard food market, which operates next to the pub, will not be affected by An Bord Pleanala’s decision.

In response to the decision, councillor Mannix Flynn has been quoted as saying that the refusal of permission for the outdoor area to remain open is ‘the right thing’, and that there is a huge level of anti-social behaviour associated with the pub.

However, multiple patrons of the pub and lovers of Dublin nightlife have condemned the decision in the wake of the capital losing several clubs and pubs.

Over the last year, the likes of Hangar and the Tivoli have shut their doors to make way for new developments, leaving the city with a dwindling nightlife scene.

In response to the refusal of permission, a petition has been launched calling on the planning authority to reverse the decision, citing that The Bernard Shaw is a ‘cultural institution’.

The petition has now received nearly 16,000 signatures in four days, at time of publication.

The petition reads: “The Bernard Shaw is a cultural institution in Dublin. The venue’s contribution to the vibrancy of our city is met by few other and now it faces losing a planning bid to continue operating outside beer garden and Big Blue Bus area. 

“The recent criticism is apparently over noise complaints from ‘local residents’, however The Bernard Shaw has been operating happily and peacefully as such since 2006.

“It is one of the most unique spaces we have in our city, which actively supports and encourages the cultural growth Dublin so desperately needs.

“Show An Bord Pleanála how important this space is and that taking it away would be drastically harmful to Dublin’s development as an attractive and vibrant cultural hub.”

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