Avalon House set to become a hub for homeless families

by Rachel Darcy

Peter McVerry Trust revealed last Friday that Avalon House on Aungier Street will now be used as a family hub, as opposed to the original plan of temporary homeless accommodation.

The announcement was made on Friday morning, as residents surrounding the area prepared to protest against the initial plans, which would have seen a 150-bed homeless hostel open for the winter months, opening in January.

It would have been the largest hub in the State.

Residents said they believed there was an over-concentration of such services in the area, with five similar homeless services currently on offer, and voiced concerns of Avalon House’s proximity to several primary schools and the impact it would have on local businesses.

In a statement, the Peter McVerry Trust announced that they would no longer be pursuing the homeless hostel option, but will instead be re-configuring Avalon House into a 30-suite hub for families moving out of B&Bs and hotels, before moving into housing.

This will be the eighth family hub for the Peter McVerry trust, which supports 86 families in their other hubs, located around the city.

The statement said: “[Peter McVerry’s] planned new hostel at Avalon House was a sincere effort on our part to reduce street homelessness in the city.

“However, given the concerns raised about the concentration of hostel beds in this area of the city, and following consultation with the Dublin Region Homeless Executive, we now propose to reconfigure Avalon House into a 30-suite family hub to support families out of B&Bs and hotels and assist them into housing.

“This will contribute significantly to the plight of homeless families who need support to move towards housing.

“Housing is the primary goal in tackling homelessness and Peter McVerry Trust has increased its housing stock this year by 50 units.

“We have a proven track record of forging strong links with communities across the city and will continue our efforts to do so, going forward.”

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