Charity hope new house in Crumlin will be a beacon of hope for families

by Rachel Darcy

A heart-warming video of the two founders of a well-known children’s cancer charity has led to a call for volunteers for a brand-new venture.

Jimmy Norman and Mick Rochford, the founders of Aoibheann’s Pink Tie, posted the video last week as they took a tour of a house in Crumlin.

The house was recently purchased by the charity to be used as a respite home for parents of children who are attending St John’s Oncology Ward at Crumlin Children’s Hospital.

Posting the video on what should have been Aoibheann’s eighteenth birthday, the pair revealed ‘Aoibheann’s Lighthouse’, calling out for tradesmen and other volunteers to help get the house up to standard.

“It may just look like a normal house, but we’re going to do wonders with this,” says Mick Rochford, who established the charity alongside Aoibheann’s dad, Jimmy, in 2010 following the young girl’s passing.

Aoibheann’s Pink Tie was established after the tragic loss of Jimmy’s daughter Aoibheann at just eight years old.

The funds for the ‘Lighthouse’, located close to Crumlin Children’s Hospital, were raised through charity donations, with the group primarily crediting a ‘Strip and Dip’ event last June that raised half a million for the charity.

In the video, Rochford says: “In a couple of months, once the tradespeople of Ireland get their hands on it and people still keep raising money for us, this is going to be the lighthouse in the storm.

“Aoibheann’s Lighthouse is dedicated to her memory. It will help so many children, way into the future.”

To find out how you can volunteer your time to help set up Aoibheann’s Lighthouse, visit or see

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