Tallaght firefighters rescue kitten by a whisker in Newlands Cross

by Padraig Conlon

A plucky little kitten had to be rescued by firefighters from the ledge of the N7 flyover at Newland’s Cross yesterday afternoon.

Staff at the neighbouring AutoKey were busy working when a customer told them they could hear faint crying sounds.

The noise drew them outside to where they discovered a tiny black kitten was up on the bridge above them.

Maria Talbot, General Manager of Autokey, Newlands Cross told Dublin Gazette what happened next.

“When we saw the little kitten we were obviously very worried for it,” she said

“Well you’d want to have a heart of stone not to be wouldn’t you?

“The poor little thing was crying or wailing and must’ve been very scared.

“A few of the lads from here immediately went to try and help it, one of them put his life in danger jumping across the barrier!

“When the kitten saw them it started running to the other end of the bridge.

“That’s when we decided to call the fire brigade.”

“Firefighters from Tallaght Fire Station then came to get the kitten down from the bridge, fair play to them for coming.

“When the kitten was brought in here it was shivering, wet and frightened, it had been up there for an hour.

“One of the lads took it home with him yesterday evening and I believe he’s looking after it.

“We’re delighted it all worked out well and the kitten is fine.”

Dublin Fire Brigade said the kitten was causing a disturbance on the road below with passing motorists stopping to look.

“Firefighters from Tallaght Fire Station have rescued a kitten from the ledge of the N7 flyover at Newland’s Cross,” they said.

“Members of the public were putting themselves in danger in an attempt to rescue it.”

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