New Project To Improve Heart Health In Dublin

by Rachel Cunningham

A new pilot project, Heart of our City, has been launched to focus on improving heart health in Dublin 8. Smart D8 conducted local community research earlier this year and heart health was identified as an area of concern for local citizens, with 23 per cent of respondents advising they would like more support and information, writes Rachel Cunningham.

This pilot project will connect people in Dublin 8 with a range of existing resources to support their cardiovascular health. It is hoped that improve heart health will reduce the burden on local health services and lessen unplanned hospitalisations and that the model and learnings can be applied to other chronic diseases in the future.

Commenting on the launch, Dr Angie Brown, Medical Director with the Irish Heart Foundation, said: “Heart disease and stroke have a devastating impact on families across Ireland and we know that 80 per cent of this is preventable. A key challenge is in empowering people to make the changes they need to lead healthier lives and that is the focus of this project.”

Pictured are Dr Angie Brown, Medical Director, Irish Heart Foundation, Audrey Derveloy, General Manager, Novartis Ireland, Roisin Ryder, F2 Centre, Rialto, Orla Veale, Project Lead, Smart D8 at the launch of Heart of our City, a new pilot population health project by the Irish Heart Foundation, Smart D8 and Novartis.
Picture by Shane O’Neill, Coalesce.

Audrey Derveloy, General Manager, Novartis Ireland, added: “With the healthcare challenges and inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic, it is even more important for organisations to partner on preventive healthcare approaches like Heart of our City. This is a critical time for us to explore how we can pivot away from simply treating disease to instead collaboration and prevention.

The programme is a collaboration by the Irish Heart Foundation, Smart D8 and Novartis. The project is also working with the Dublin 8 community, St James’s Hospital, ExWell Medical and Fatima Groups United, Family Resource Centre.

Picture by Shane O’Neill, Coalesce.

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