Paul Murphy launches new political group named RISE

by Padraig Conlon

Dublin South West TD Paul Murphy has established a new political grouping called RISE following his resignation from the Socialist Party last week.

Announcing the group’s political objectives in Buswell’s Hotel this afternoon Deputy Murphy, and four members of the new group, said they will try to build a new left movement in Irish society.

Murphy said that after a year-long debate within the Socialist Party, he decided to part company with it and help form RISE: Radical, Internationalist, Socialist and Environmentalist.

As RISE’s only elected member, the Dublin South West TD said his grouping would promote what is termed a ‘Green New Deal’ of socialist policies for Ireland, which will be published shortly.

“We’re going to build our distinct group,” Murphy said.

“But we’re also committed to developing a broad left movement in this country.

“We’re for the building of a broader left.

“We’re not it.”

“We are not going to be the Paul Murphy party.”

He will remain part of the Solidarity-People Before Profit group in the Dáil, even though he was no longer a member of the Socialist Party.

He said RISE will seek to work with other left-leaning parties, such as Sinn Féin and the Greens, as well as broader left-wing campaigns to further socialist objectives.

As well as building RISE as a radical socialist organisation the group will also produce a regular political magazine and website with analysis and commentary (

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