Riders on the storm as Met Eireann sends out a call for help

by Padraig Conlon

Is there anyone in your life who reminds you of a 200 mile an hour wind ripping the roof off a shed?

Maybe there’s that special someone who conjures up images of ships being wrecked during a vicious storm at sea?

Well, if so, Met Eireann is asking the public to send in your suggestions for future storm names.

Once again they are collaborating with the UK Met Office for the ‘Name our Storms’ scheme.

Even though we managed all right for years calling it “That feckin’ rain”, forecasters felt the need to start personifying the weather around five years ago.

Experts say giving storms specific names makes it easier to report on them, raises interest and awareness of weather warnings and increases preparedness in the community.

Over 10,000 names were received when ‘Name our Storms’ was first introduced in 2015.

Since then whenever we’ve left the house without a coat and scarf we’ve been able to blame Ali, Bronnagh or Callum for ruining our day.

Now, any storm which triggers a status Orange or Red weather warning focusing on wind is named, though consideration was also given to rain and snow events during 2016–17.

To send your suggestion, you can use the hashtag #IrishStormNames on Twitter, email Met Eireann at stormnames@met.ie, or write to Evelyn Cusack, Met Eireann, Glasnevin Hill, Dublin 9.

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