The court heard that the body of the rooster in question was never found

A MAN killed his neighbour’s rooster by banging it off the wall because he was at his “wits’ end”, a court has heard.
Joseph Kennedy, 49, from Portrane, admitted an animal cruelty offence at Swords District Court last week arising from an ongoing row with his neighbour Steven Ho.
The court heard Kennedy broke into Mr Ho’s property, grabbed the bird by the neck, and hit it off a wall.
He pleaded guilty to cruelly ill-treating a rooster, theft, and to two counts of trespass on June 2, 2016. The incident was caught by a CCTV camera, judge Dermot Dempsey heard.
The court was told Kennedy was his mother’s full-time carer, and the bird had been keeping her awake at night.
Less than two weeks earlier, on May 21, 2016, the two neighbours clashed over the noise the rooster was making at about 1am.
The accused warned Mr Ho about the animal and insisted that the noise stop.
At 9.41am on June 2, he climbed over the fence onto his neighbour’s property and grabbed the rooster from its hutch.
Garda Thomas Doherty told the court: “The rooster had tried to flee the scene when Mr Kennedy went to pick it up. He grabbed it around the neck and started banging it off a wall.
“Mr Kennedy took the rooster away with him. It was never found after that.”
The defendant was also charged with the theft of the rooster, as the bird was never recovered.
Defence solicitor Fiona Darcy said her client was at his “wits’ end” with the rooster but accepted he should not have taken the law into his own hands and was willing to pay compensation.
Kennedy, who moved back in with his mother after his marriage broke up, did not address the court.
Mr Ho did not attend the hearing.


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