Clonee mum said she’ll ‘camp outside the Dail to fight for kids’

by Sylvia Pownall

A Mum being forced to wait more than a year for a vital medical assessment for her baby daughter is planning to camp overnight outside the Dail to fight for better services.

Lesley Anne O’Brien, from Clonee, says she has been “fobbed off” by An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar who she claims is no longer representing his own constituents.

The 35-year-old had to wait years to have her son Jamie diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and now her fourteen-month-old daughter Sienna must wait until November to see a specialist.

Lesley Anne told Dublin Gazette: “She badly needs help. She cries every night in pain. She can just about sit up but can’t roll over or crawl, never mind walk.

“I walked to the Dail last September and pleaded for help, but it’s almost like Mr Varadkar has forgotten about us now that he has a new role as Taoiseach.

Mum-of-five Lesley Anne, from Littlepace, added: “My daughter has missed milestones and is now on a waiting list to see a muscle specialist.

“I’m at my wits’ end. This has taken its toll on my mental health and on my husband’s mental health. It is so exhausting and worrying.

“The hospitals can’t manage with the lack of resources they have, and it’s even worse with community care.”

Lesley Anne walked 20km from Leo Varadkar’s constituency office, which is close to where she lives, to the Dail last September to hand-deliver a letter of protest.

Her Help Our Children Ireland Facebook page has thousands of supporters who have joined her campaign for improved services for families across Ireland.

Local Cllr Tania Doyle (Ind) is backing the action and will camp outside Leinster House with Lesley Anne and her supporters on Wednesday, April 3.

Cllr Doyle told Dublin Gazette: “The ‘recovery’ in the health system is barely trickling down to those most in need. This level of delay in getting services is unacceptable.”

Lesley Anne, who has called for Health Minister Simon Harris to resign and the HSE to be disbanded, vowed: “I’m not going away. I’ll keep going for as long as it takes.

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