Delight as council ‘finally’ fixes cancer patient’s boiler

by Rebecca Ryan

A Monkstown cancer patient said she is “absolutely delighted” that the council has “finally” fixed her boiler, which was affecting her recovery.

Last month, Dublin Gazette reported that Frances Byrne Waters (74), who was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in April 2016 and is still undergoing treatment, had been waiting nearly a year for the boiler in her council home to be fixed.

She said the broken central heating system had an “extremely loud noise” coming from it, and that despite “numerous attempts” of asking the council to fix it, the problem still had not been resolved.

“The problem of the noise is unbelievable. I can’t go to bed after my treatment because [the noise] is worse upstairs. Even the neighbours can hear it.

“It is affecting my rest. I can’t sleep or rest with the noise. I leave [the heating] on when I’m out in the day and when I go home, I have to switch it off,”

Frances explained. Frances’ oncologist also wrote to the council last December pleading with them to fix it as a matter of urgency. In a letter the oncologist stated the importance of Frances having a working heating system as she is more sensitive to the cold as a result of the chemotherapy treatment.

This week Frances told Dublin Gazette that her boiler has now been fixed and that she is over the moon.

“It’s super. I can’t believe it. I sometimes have to go and look at it because it’s that quiet!

“It means the world that it’s fixed. I am so thankful to you and the [Dublin Gazette] team because it wouldn’t have happened without you.

“[Local councillor] Cormac Devlin was very good in putting me on the right track. He was really helpful.

“I’m absolutely delighted.”

She said that she is able to recover much better now after her hospital treatments since the boiler has been fixed and that she feels less stressed since the situation has been resolved.

“I can rest and I’m sleeping better. [Before] I had to put an electric blanket on the bed because I couldn’t stand the noise of [the boiler] in the evening. I had to put the blanket on the bed so I would be warm at least going to bed.

“Everything was going through my mind [for the last year] which interfered with my sleep.

“I was thinking what will I do next or how am I going to get around this, or how can I make them [fix] it. I was hitting a blank wall all the time.

“Now I am totally relaxed and I’m grand. I can go in and have my treatment and go back and lie down and have my heating on.

“I’m absolutely delighted.”

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