Mindless vandalism as pitches wrecked

by Gazette Reporter

JOYRIDERS on scramblers and quad bikes are wreaking havoc on sports pitches across West Dublin.


A number of sports pitches across the county have been destroyed by the vehicles in the past year.


The latest case of damage occurred just after Christmas Day in Ballymount Park on Kingswood Castle FC’s pitch.


A number of other clubs also said their facilities have suffered similar damage in the past year.


There have been repeated calls for South Dublin County Council to take steps to tackle the issue across the county, with the council saying they would consider setting up a county wide task force to tackle the issue.



The club said in a statement on their Facebook page, which included pictures of tyre marks running across the pitch: “Just when we were all having a great Christmas, looking forward to the New Year and second half of the season we get a call to say that someone had done this to our pitch.


“How can anyone be stupid enough to do this?


“The sad thing is, the person is most likely local and most likely knows some of the people involved in the club. Love the community spirit.”


Locals expressed their disgust at the damage, with some pointing out that other clubs in the area had also been the victims of similar vandalism, including St Maelruans FC and Killinarden Athletic in Tallaght and SVC FC in Clondalkin.


Neighbouring club Kilnamanagh FC’s facilities were also damaged last year.


The club posted pictures on November 1 that showed the damage done to their pitch by joyriding on Halloween night.


The club’s pitch was destroyed by tyre marks and fire from a burned-out car left on the pitch.


The pitch was only made playable again following a sterling clean up effort from local volunteers.


Scramblers and quad bikes are classed as mechanically propelled vehicles and must be taxed and insured by law.


There have been repeated calls for the council to take steps to tackle the issue across the county.


In November, Dublin Gazette reported that the council said they would be considering setting up a county wide task force to tackle anti-social behaviour related to quads and scramblers.


The council were unable to comment on the recent damage done to local sports pitches at the time of going to press.

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